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Welcome to our Studio!

IMG_0001 Kopie

The illicit studio is located in Berlin Mitte at Arkonaplatz and borders directly on Prenzlauer Berg.

IMG_0004 Kopie

From our cozy, quiet lobby, the wooden staircase leads to our mezzanine, where you will find our service stations, hair artists in action, and the Haircare Wellness Oasis.


Good lighting, modern equipment and a healthy connection to nature are very important to us. This is exactly what you will find throughout our interior.

IMG_0012 Kopie

Ready for the runway, the next party…rather a family event or a business meeting?

IMG_0076 Kopie

All of our service stations are equipped with a lighted mirror, creating a typical Berlin Fashion Week backstage character and allowing us to create your very own look for any occasion!

IMG_0077 Kopie

It is important to us that our studio is always super photogenic from all angles and therefore we are very excited to make great photos and videos with you!