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Services and prices


Price transparency is very important to us. Therefore, we would like to briefly explain here how we arrive at the sums that we print on our invoices after each appointment: Haircuts and colors as well as stylings are very individual services, which depend mainly on the length, density and thickness of the hair. Our prices can therefore vary depending on how much time our stylist needs for you and how much material has to be spent.


The prices for special effect make-ups, mobile services and extensions are always calculated individually by us depending on the order, as these services can vary so much in terms of scope that we cannot set a general price range.


Of course, you will always be told in advance during the consultation what you will have to pay. We do not require anyone to write a blank check. In our studio you can pay comfortably with EC card, credit card (fee required) and of course cash. In principle, only cash payment is possible for mobile services.

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*Note: If appointments are to be booked with different employees, several booking processes are necessary.

Our prices
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Note: If appointments are to be booked with different employees, several booking processes are necessary.

This is what we work with:


We treat our customers exclusively with high-quality and well-tolerated products of which we are personally convinced and which we would also use ourselves. Here is a brief overview:

The trendy


-hair care products consist of luxurious formulations made from the finest ingredients from around the world. evo® uses only formulations that are active, achieve professional results and are environmentally friendly. Because no one needs ingredients that do nothing and only conjure up good claims on the labels. The product range is divided into six product families that are optimally tailored to different hair needs and distinguished by color-coded packaging.

– The traditional color brand IGORA ROYAL by Schwarzkopf Professional offers you perfect color in high definition with uncompromising coverage and ultimate color retention. The brilliant colors of Igora Royal contain a unique color crystal complex that provides much better results. The Igora Royal color series is a very balanced mix of fashionable and natural shades. The hair colors allow the perfect hair color on white hair, the perfect color intensity and the perfect lightening.Igora Royal hair colors meet every desire for coloring, regardless of hair type, style or age. Igora Royal gives the hair a perfectly uniform color even with porous and damaged hair. Thanks to advanced technologies, the hair color gives the hair up to 50% longer endurance of color intensity and 25% better shine. The Sustainable packaging is made of 100% recycled aluminum (tube) & 100% recycled plastic (lid).

With each coloration we recommend an additional treatment with Olaplex. This is a chemical agent that acts as a binding strengthener in colorations and bleachings and permanently repairs and strengthens the hair. Hair is heavily stressed with any type of coloring and especially with bleaching. Olaplex ensures that the sulfur bridges of the hair are protected during the coloring process, so that the hair remains supple and resistant. At the same time, the product contains no silicones and is completely oil-free. Olaplex can even be used beyond colorations as a structure-building care treatment. The corresponding consumer products are offered for sale by us.

Whether hair extensions, hair thickening or colored highlights and accents, hairtalk extensions offer the right product for every desire. The flat and flexible adhesive tapes are not felt when stroking or lying over them and therefore provide a very comfortable wearing experience. The connection points are also visually invisible, as they are placed hidden at ear level under your own top hair. The hair-friendly adhesive attachment system does not cause hair breakage or pain when worn or removed with a special spray. The extensions are made of 100% Remi human hair and are available on request in 28 colors and standard lengths of 25, 40 and 55 cm. Because the right care is part of every type of hair extension or thickening, we naturally also offer care products that have been specially developed for hairtalk extensions.

Reza Hair Extensions are made of 100% REMY human hair and are available in various hair colors & shades. This Berlin brand is characterized by very modern & popular color schemes and is thus fully on trend!

Long Time Hair
100% Indian human hair
in natural growth(Remy) & premium quality.

10 (half) tapes make 5 (whole) tapes when applied, as they are used with the sandwich method.

The hair can be used 3 times (every 8-10 weeks re-stick/put up)